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Bonnet JB, Macioce V, Jalek A, Bouchdoug K, Elleau C, Gras-Vidal MF, Pochic J, Avignon A, Sultan A. (2022). ” Covid-19 lockdown appears to have had a positive effect on diabetic foot ulcers. ”  Diabetes Metab Res Rev. 2022 May;38(4):e3520 (IF=4,88). Endocrinology(Q1); Endocrinology Diabetes and Metabolism (Q1); Internal Medicine (Q1).

Bonnet JB, Nicolet G, Papinaud L, Avignon A, Duflos C, Sultan A. (2022). “Effects of social deprivation and healthcare access on major amputation following a diabetic foot ulcer in a French administrative area: Analysis using the French claim data.  “ Diabet Med. 2022 Jun;39(6):e14820. (IF=4,36). Endocrinology and Metabolism (Q1).

Deshayes S, Konate K, Vivès E,Boisguérin P. (2022). “Tips and Tools to Understand Direct Membrane Translocation of siRNA-Loaded WRAP-Based Nanoparticles. Methods Mol Biol. 2022;2383:475-490. (IF=1,17). Genetics (Q3); Molecular Biology (Q3).

Diallo A, Pichelin M, Wargny M, Gourdy P, Bonnet JB, Hadjadj S, Cariou B, Sultan A, Galtier F; CORONADO investigators  (2022). “Influenza vaccination and prognosis of COVID-19 in hospitalized patients with diabetes: Results from the CORONADO study. “ .Diabetes Obes Metab. 2022 Feb;24(2):343-347. (IF=6,58); Endocrinology and Metabolism (Q1).

Faria R, Paul M, Biswas S, Vivès E, Boisguérin P, Sousa Â, Costa D. (2022). ”Peptides vs. Polymers: Searching for the Most Efficient Delivery System for Mitochondrial Gene Therapy.  ”. Pharmaceutics. 2022 Mar 31;14(4):757.  (IF=6,32). Pharmacology and Pharmacy  (Q1)

Fernandez Rico C, Konate K, Josse E, Nargeot J, Barrère-Lemaire S, Boisguérin P. (2022). ”Therapeutic Peptides to Treat Myocardial Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury.  ”Front Cardiovasc Med. 2022 Feb 17;9:792885. (IF=6,05). Cardiac and Cardiovascular Systems (Q2).

Laux X,  Rondet E, Grabulos J, Dore R, Ollier L, Virsolvy A, Mariano-goulart D, Maimoun L (2022) . ”  Ultrasonic transmission through small tubes such as rat tibias for axial Young’s modulus estimation: Discussion and recommendations  ” – Applied Acoustics, 2022 sous presse. (IF=2,64). Acoustics (Q2).

Lengvenyte A, Strumila R, Maimoun L, Seneque M, Olié E, Lefebvre P, Renard E, Courtet P, Guillaume S  (2022). “A specific association between laxative misuse and suicidal behaviours in patients with anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa.  “ Eat Weight Disord. 2022 Feb;27(1):307-315. (IF=4,65). Psychiatry (Q2)

Lohan L, Cool  C, Viault L, Cestac P, Renard E, Galtier F,Villiet M, Avignon A, Sultan A and Breuker CImpact of Hospitalization in an Endocrinology Department on Vaccination Coverage in People Living with Diabetes: A Real-Life Study. “  Medicina (Kaunas). 2022 Feb 1;58(2):219. (IF=1,20). General Medicine (Q2).

Maïmoun L, Mariano-Goulart D, Huguet H, Renard E, Lefebvre P, Picot MC, Dupuy AM, Cristol JP, Courtet P, Boudousq V, Avignon A, Guillaume S, Sultan A. (2022). “In patients with anorexia nervosa, myokine levels are altered but are not associated with bone mineral density loss and bone turnover alteration.  “ Endocr Connect. 2022 May 10;11(5):e210488. (IF=3,33). Endocrinology and Metabolism (Q3).

Rey J, Breiden M, Lux V, Bluemke A, Steindel M, Ripkens K, Möllers B, Bravo Rodriguez K, Boisguerin P, Volkmer R, Mieres-Perez J, Clausen T, Sanchez-Garcia E, Ehrmann M.  (2022). “An allosteric HTRA1-calpain 2 complex with restricted activation profile.  “ Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2022 Apr 5;119(14):e2113520119.  Sous presse. (IF=11,20). Multidisciplinary Sciences (Q1).

Romain AJ, Macioce V, Boegner C, Attalin V, Avignon A, Sultan A. (2022). “Patterns of eating behavior in people with severe obesity seeking weight loss treatment: An exploratory study.Appetite. 2022 Feb 1;169:105797. (IF=3,87). Nutritional Diabetics (Q3); Behavioral Scienves (Q1).

Seisel Q, Lakumpa I, Josse E, Vivès E, Varilh J, Taulan-Cadars M, Boisguérin P. (2022). ”Highway to Cell: Selection of the Best Cell-Penetrating Peptide to Internalize the CFTR-Stabilizing iCAL36 Peptide.  ” Pharmaceutics. 2022 Apr 7;14(4):808. (IF=6,32). Pharmacology and Pharmacy  (Q1)

Strumila R,  Lengvenyte A, Olié E, Seneque M, Dupuis-Maurin K, Alacreu-Crespo A, Maimoun L, Lefebre P, Courtet P, Guillaume S. (2022).  ”Selenium deficiency is associated with disease severity, disrupted reward processing, and increased suicide risk in patients with Anorexia Nervosa.Psychoneuroendocrinology, Volume 140, June 2022, 105723 (IF=4,90). Endocrinology and Methalbolism (Q2) ; Neurosciences (Q2)

Audurier Y, Roubille C, Manna F, Zerkowski L, Faucanie M, Macioce V, Castet-Nicolas A, Jalabert A, Villiet M, Fesler P, Lohan-Descamps L, Breuker C. (2021). “Development and validation of a Score to Assess Risk of Medication Errors detected during medication reconciliation process at admission in Internal Medicine Unit: SCOREM study.  “ Int J Clin Pract. 2021 Feb;75(2):e13663. (IF=2,50). Medicine General and Internal (Q2) .

Bonnet JB, Sultan A.  (2022). “Narrative Review of the Relationship Between CKD and Diabetic Foot Ulcer.  “ Kidney Int Rep. 2021 Dec 21;7(3):381-388. (IF=4,16). Nephrology (Q1).

Boisguérin P, Konate K, Josse E, Vivès É and Deshayes S (2021) “Peptide-Based Nanoparticles for Therapeutic Nucleic Acid DeliveryBiomedicines 2021, 9(5), 583 (IF=6,08). Medicine, Research and Experimental (Q1); Pharmacology and Pharmacy (Q1).

Bonnet JB, Berchoux E, Sultan A.  (2021). ”Decompensated primary hypoparathyroidism in a patient with COVID-19.  ” Ann Endocrinol (Paris). 2021 Apr;82(2):123-124.. (IF=2,48). Endocrinology et Metabolism  (Q4).

Breuker C, Teasdale J, Mallet L, Ricard G, Turcotte JP, Gosselin S, Langlois MF, Imbeault P, Breton M, Couturier Y, Sirois C, Cossette B (2021). ”Communication between hospitals, Family Medicine Groups and community pharmacists during transitions of care interventions Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy, 2021 sous presse. (IF=3,37). Public, Environmental and Occupational Health (Q2).

Breuker C, Faucanié M, Laureau M, Perier D, Pinzani V, Marin G, Sebbane M, Villiet M. (2021). “Impact of a medico-pharmaceutical follow-up and an optimized communication between hospital and community on the readmission to the emergency department for an adverse drug event: URGEIM, study protocol for a randomized controlled trial.Trials. 2021 Aug 6;22(1):521.  (IF=2,28). Medicine, Research and Experimental (Q3).

Breuker C, Macioce V, Mura T, Castet-Nicolas A, Audurier Y, Boegner C, Jalabert A, Villiet M, Avignon A, Sultan A (2021). ” Medication Errors at Hospital Admission and Discharge: Risk Factors and Impact of Medication Reconciliation Process to Improve Healthcare.  ”. J Patient Saf. 2021 Oct 1;17(7):e645-e652. (IF=2,84). Health Care Sciences &  Services (Q1).

Breuker C, Guedj AM, Allan M, Coinus L, Molinari N, Chapet N, Roubille F, Le Quintrec M, Duhalde V, Jouglen J, Cestac P, Kinowski JM, Faure S, Faucanie M, Lohan L, Villiet M, Altwegg R, Sultan A.  (2021). “The COVID-19 Pandemic Led to a Small Increase in Changed Mentality Regarding Infection Risk without Any Change in Willingness to Be Vaccinated in Chronic Diseases Patients.  “ J Clin Med. 2021 Sep 1;10(17):3967.(IF=4,24). Medicine, General and Internal (Q1).

Burgarelli Lages E, Salgado Fernandes R, Sena Andrade M, Paiyabhroma N, Barbosa de Oliveira R, FernandesC, Dantas Cassali G, Sicard P, Richard S, Branco de Barros AL, Miranda Ferreira LA. (2021) “pH-sensitive doxorubicin-tocopherol succinate prodrug encapsulated in docosahexaenoic acid-based nanostructured lipid carriers: An effective strategy to improve pharmacokinetics and reduce toxic effects. “  Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, 2021 Dec;144:112373. (IF=6,53). Pharmacology and pharmacy (Q1).

Cariou B, Goronflot T, Rimbert A, Boullu S, Le May C, Moulin P, Pichelin M, Potier L, Smati S, Sultan A, Tramunt B, Wargny M, Gourdy P, Hadjadj S; CORONADO investigators.  (2021). “Routine use of statins and increased mortality related to COVID-19 in inpatients with type 2 diabetes: Results from the CORONADO study. .” Diabetes Metab. 2021 Mar;47(2):101202. (IF=6,04).  Endocrinology and Metabolisms (Q1).

Dupuis C, Le Bihan C, Maubon D, Calvet L, Ruckly S, Schwebel C, Bouadma L, Azoulay E, Cornet M, Timsit JF; Empiricus Study Group. (avec comme collaborateurs : Samir Jaber, Boris Jung, Kada Klouche, Cyril Breuker) (2021). ”Performance of Repeated Measures of (1-3)-β-D-Glucan, Mannan Antigen, and Antimannan Antibodies for the Diagnosis of Invasive Candidiasis in ICU Patients: A Preplanned Ancillary Analysis of the EMPIRICUS Randomized Clinical Trial.  ” Open Forum Infect Dis. 2021 Mar 2;8(3):ofab080. (IF=3,83). Immunology (Q2); Infectious Diseases  (Q2); Microbiology (Q2).

Ea V, Bergougnoux A, Philibert P, Servant-Fauconnet N, Faure A, Breaud J, Gaspari L, Sultan C, Paris F, Kalfa N  (2021). “How Far Should We Explore Hypospadias? Next-generation Sequencing Applied to a Large Cohort of Hypospadiac Patients.  “ Eur Urol. 2021 Apr;79(4):507-515. (IF= 20,10). Urology and Nephrology (Q1).

Faria R, Vivés E, Boisguerin P, Sousa A, Costa D ( 2021). ”Development of Peptide-Based Nanoparticles for Mitochondrial Plasmid DNA Delivery. ”  Polymers (Basel). 2021 Jun 1;13(11):1836. (IF=4,33). Chemistry (miscellaneous) (Q1); Polymers and Plastics (Q1),

Ferreiro I, Genevois C, Konate K, Vivès É, Boisguérin P, Deshayes S and Couillaud F (2021) “In Vivo Follow-Up of Gene Inhibition in Solid Tumors Using Peptide-Based Nanoparticles for siRNA DeliveryPharmaceutics 2021, 13(5), 749 (IF=6,32). Pharmacology and Pharmacy  (Q1)

Gallo A, Pérez de Isla L, Charrière S, Vimont A, Alonso R, Muñiz-Grijalvo O, Díaz-Díaz JL, Zambón D, Moulin P, Bruckert E, Mata P, Béliard S; REFERCHOL and SAFEHEART investigators.(Parmi les collaborateurs Sultan A). (2021). “The Added Value of Coronary Calcium Score in Predicting Cardiovascular Events in Familial Hypercholesterolemia. “ JACC Cardiovasc Imaging. 2021 Jul 8: (IF=14,80). Cardiac and Cardiovascular Systems ( Q1); Radiology , Nuclear Medicine and Medical Imaging (Q1).

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Konate K, Josse E, Tasic M, Redjatti K, Aldrian G, Deshayes SBoisguérin P, Vivès E (2021). “WRAP-based nanoparticles for siRNA delivery: a SAR study and a comparison with lipid-based transfection reagents. “ .J Nanobiotechnology. 2021 Aug 11;19(1):236.  (IF=10,43). Biotechnology and Applied microbiology (Q1) ; Nanoscience and Nonotechnology (Q1).

Lambert K, Demion M, Lagacé JC, Hokayem M, Dass M, Virsolvy A, Jover B, Bourret A, Bisbal C. (2021) Grape polyphenols and exercise training have distinct molecular effects on cardiac hypertrophy in a model of obese insulin-resistant rats.  J Nutr Biochem. 2021 Jan;87:108522 (IF=6,05). Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Q1) ; Nutrition and dietetics (Q1).

Laureau M, Vuillot O, Gourhant V, Perier D, Pinzani V, Lohan L, Faucanie M, Macioce V, Marin G, Giraud I, Jalabert A, Villiet M, Castet-Nicolas A, Sebbane M, Breuker C. (2021). Adverse Drug Events Detected by Clinical Pharmacists in an Emergency Department: A Prospective Monocentric Observational Study.  J Patient Saf. 2021 Dec 1;17(8):e1040-e1049. (IF=2,84). Health Care Sciences & Services (Q1).

Lohan L, Clément F, Duflos C, Villiet M, Castet-Nicolas A, Boegner C, Avignon A, Sultan A, Breuker C. (2021). “Hypoglycemia While Driving in Insulin-Treated Patients: Incidence and Risk Factors.  “ J Patient Saf. 2021 Dec 1;17(8):e1034-e1039. (IF=2,84). Health Care Sciences & Services (Q1).

Lohan L, Marin G, Faucanie M, Laureau M, Macioce V, Perier D, Pinzani V, Giraud I, Castet-Nicolas A, Jalabert A, Villiet M, Sebbane M, Breuker C  (2021). “Impact of medication characteristics and adverse drug events on hospital admission after an emergency department visit: prospective cohort study.  “. Int J Clin Pract. 2021 Apr 18:e14224. (IF=2,50). Medicine General and Internal  (Q2).
Lohan L, Galtier F, Manson T, Mura T, Castet-Nicolas A, Faure D, Chapet N, Leclercq F, Pasquié JL, Roubille F, Roubille C, Blain H, Guilpain P, Villiet M, Avignon A, Sultan ABreuker C. (2021)  “Compliance with Prescription Guidelines for Glucose-Lowering Therapies According to Renal Function: Real-Life Study in Inpatients of Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Cardiology Units.Medicina (Kaunas). 2021 Dec 17;57(12):1376.(IF=1,20). General Medicine (Q2).

Maïmoun L, Renard E, Humbert L, Aouinti S, Mura T, Boudousq V, Lefebvre P, Mahadea K, Philibert P, de Santa-Barbara P, Avignon A, Guillaume S, Sultan A, Nocca D, Mariano-Goulart D.  (2021). ” Modification of bone mineral density, bone geometry and volumetric BMD in young women with obesity.  ”  Bone. 2021 Sep;150:116005. (IF=4,40).  Endocrinology and Metabolism (Q2).

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