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Best Wishes to all for the Year 2023

2022-12-27T16:35:05+01:0027 December 2022|

Welcome in Team 4

Team 4 is happy to welcome Salomé Ruiz-Demoulin and Irène Pezzati that start their thesis in the #TeamDigestiveSMC. Salomé thesis project will addres  ENS-smooth muscle interaction under the supervision of Sandrine Faure. Irène thesis project will focus on the  CPPs targeting GISTs under the supervision of Prisca Boisguerin and Sebastien Deshayes.

2022-10-28T15:33:04+02:0028 October 2022|

Team 4 participation

Team 4 is happy to participate to the Run’In Science event organized by Genopolys (

2022-10-28T15:32:28+02:0028 October 2022|

Recent publication team N°4

A collaborative research work whithin PhyMedExp, between teams 3 and 4: Seisel Q, Lakumpa I, Josse E, Vivès E, Varilh J, Taulan-Cadars M, Boisguérin P. (2022). ”Highway to Cell: Selection of the Best Cell-Penetrating Peptide to Internalize the CFTR-Stabilizing iCAL36 Peptide.  ” Pharmaceutics. 2022 Apr 7;14(4):808. (IF=6,52). Pharmacology and Pharmacy  (Q1).      

2022-10-28T15:30:55+02:0016 October 2022|

Recent publication team N°4

A collaborative research work  teams 1 and 4,  published in Redox Biology, highlights LIX1 function in the regulation of mitochondrial metabolism   Guérin A, Angebault C, Kinet S, Cazevieille C, RojoM, Fauconnier  J, Lacampagne A, Mourier A, Taylor N, de Santa Barbara P, Faure S.  (2022). “LIX1-mediated changes in mitochondrial metabolism control the fate of digestive mesenchyme-derived cells.  “- Redox Biology, 2022 Oct;56:102431 (IF=10,80). Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Q1

2022-10-28T15:31:28+02:0016 October 2022|

Recent publication team N°4

A recent study published by the team provides novel insight into the gastrointestinal motor activity dynamics during avian embryonic development is online in Development ! Using high-resolution ehcography, retroviral transgenesis and 3D-clearing approaches applied on chick embryos we highlight the progressive acquisition of functional and corrdinated gastrointestinal motility before birth. Sicard P, Falco A, Faure S, Thireau J, Lindsey SE, Chauvet N, De Santa Barbara P. (2022 ( “High-resolution ultrasound and speckle tracking: a non-invasive approach to assess in vivo gastrointestinal motility during development.  “ Development. 2022

2022-10-28T15:31:49+02:0016 October 2022|

Recent Financing team N°4

Project leader: Eric VIVES Cellular transfection of mRNA by a peptide for the development of alternative tools in cancer immunotherapy   Messenger RNA (mRNA) transfection has undergone spectacular development by becoming a effective vaccine strategy against COVID-19. Efficient mRNA transfection thus encourages therapeutic perspectives in the field of immunotherapy in oncology. However, mRNAs remain fragile molecules unable to enter cells. Currently, lipid complex cocktails are exclusively used to ensure cellular internalization of mRNAs. Recently, we showed that a short peptide

2022-10-16T09:49:59+02:0016 October 2022|
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