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Liste des Publications par ordre alphabétique du premier auteur

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Ader F, Bouscambert-Duchamp M, Hites M, Peiffer-Smadja N, Poissy J, Belhadi D, Diallo A, Lê MP, Peytavin G, Staub T, Greil R, Guedj J, Paiva JA, Costagliola D, Yazdanpanah Y, Burdet C, Mentré F; DisCoVeRy Study Group.avec comme collaborateur  Klouche K (2022). “Remdesivir plus standard of care versus standard of care alone for the treatment of patients admitted to hospital with COVID-19 (DisCoVeRy): a phase 3, randomised, controlled, open-label trial.  “ Lancet Infect Dis. 2022 Feb;22(2):209-221.. (IF=25,07) Infectious Diseases (Q1).

Annesi-Maesano I, Bonniaud P, Bouchaud G, Boyer L, Gazzeri S, Gosset P, Gras D, Guibert C, Guignabert C, Mari B, Matecki S, Morélot C, Pilette C, Planes C, Plantier L, Polette M, Si-Tahar M, Taillé C, Vachier I; membres du comité J2R (2022). «[RESPIRenT: Pneumology network of innovation and translational research, a second wind for J2R].  . Rev Mal Respir. 2022 Feb;39(2):73-74.. (IF=0,62). Respiratory Systems (Q4).

Bach S et al., Avec la participation de De JONG A comme divers autres collaborateurs  STAR-TREC Collaborative. (2022). : ” Can we Save the rectum by watchful waiting or TransAnal surgery following (chemo)Radiotherapy versus Total mesorectal excision for early REctal Cancer (STAR-TREC)? Protocol for the international, multicentre, rolling phase II/III partially randomised patient preference trial evaluating long course concurrent chemoradiotherapy versus short course radiotherapy organ preservation approaches. : ”  Colorectal Dis. 2022 Feb 3. Sous presse. (IF=3,79). Gastroenterology (Q2).

De Jong A, Jaber S.  (2022). ”Better airway management saves lives.  ” Eur J Anaesthesiol. 2022 May 1;39(5):415-417. (IF=4,33). Anesthesiology (Q1).

De Jong A, Khanna AK  (2022). “Airway management in the critically ill patient with COVID-19. “ .Curr Opin Anaesthesiol. 2022 Apr 1;35(2):137-143. (IF=2,71). Anaesthesiology (Q3).

De Jong A, Huguet H, Molinari N, Jaber S. (2022) “Non-invasive ventilation versus oxygen therapy after extubation in patients with obesity in intensive care units: the multicentre randomised EXTUB-OBESE study protocol. BMJ Open. 2022 Jan 19;12(1):e052712. (IF=2,69). Medicine General and Internal (Q2).

De Jong A, Laatar C, Touaibia M, Capdevila M, Jaber S. (2022). “ Ventilation du patient avec obésitéAnesthésie & Réanimation, 2022 sous presse. (IF=0,04). Anesthesiology (Q4).

De La Villeon G, Gavotto A, Ledong N, Bredy C,Guillaunont S, Man J, Gouzi F, Hayot M, Amedro P, Matecki S. (2022). “ Double gas transfer factors (DLCO-DLNO) at rest in patients with congenital heart diseases correlates with their ventilatory response during maximal exerciseInternational Journal of Cardiology Congenital Heart Disease 8 (2022) 100346 sous presse. (IF=0,64). Cardiac and Cardiovascular Systems (Q2)

Demoule A, Hajage D, Messika J, Jaber S, Diallo H, Coutrot M, Kouatchet A, Azoulay E, Fartoukh M, Hraiech S, Beuret P, Darmon M, Decavèle M, Ricard JD, Chanques G, Mercat A, Schmidt M, Similowski T; REVA Network (Research Network in Mechanical Ventilation). (2022). “Prevalence, Intensity and Clinical Impact of Dyspnea in Critically Ill Patients Receiving Invasive Ventilation.Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2022 Apr 15;205(8):917-926. (IF=21,40). Critical Care Medicine (Q1) ; Respiratory System (Q1).

Djohan YF, Camara-Cissé M, Fouret G, Bonafos B, Jover B, Cristol JP, Coudray C, Feillet-Coudray C, Badia E. (2022). “Diets Rich in Olive Oil, Palm Oil, or Lard Alter Mitochondrial Biogenesis and Mitochondrial Membrane Composition in Rat Liver.  “ Biochem Res Int. 2022 Feb 21;2022:9394356 (IF=0,63). Biochemical Research Methods (Q3).

Dres M, Gama de Abreu M, Merdji H, Müller-Redetzky H, Dellweg D, Randerath WJ, Mortaza S, Jung B, Bruells C, Mörer O, Scharffenberg M, Jaber S, Besset S, Bitter T, Geise A, Heine A, Malfertheiner MV, Kortgen A, Benzaquen J, Nelson T, Uhrig A, Mönig O, Meziani F, Demoule A, Similowski T; RESCUE-2 Study Group Investigators. (2022). “Randomised Clinical Study of Temporary Transvenous Phrenic Nerve Stimulation in Difficult-to-Wean Patients.Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2022 May 15;205(10):1169-1178. (IF=21,40). Critical Care Medicine (Q1) ; Respiratory System (Q1).

Descoeur J, Dupuy AM, Bargnoux AS, Cristol JP, Mathieu O  (2022). “Comparison of four immunoassays to an HPLC method for the therapeutic drug monitoring of methotrexate: Influence of the hydroxylated metabolite levels and impact on clinical threshold.  “ J Oncol Pharm Pract. 2022 Jan;28(1):55-63.. (IF=1,81). Oncology (Q4); Pharmacology and Pharmacy (Q4).

Fessi H, Szelag JC, Courivaud C, Nicoud P, Aguilera D, Gilbert O, Morena M, Thomas M, Canaud B, Cristol JP. (2022). “Safety and Efficacy of Short Daily Hemodialysis with Physidia S3 System: Clinical Performance Assessment during the Training Period.  “ J Clin Med. 2022 Apr 11;11(8):2123. (IF=4,24). Medicine, General and Internal (Q1).

Garçon C, Abdelnour H, Jeandel C, Louahem D, Laffont I, Cottalorda J, Lambert K, Coulet B, Delpont M  (2022). “Response to the letter to the editor concerning: « Change in shoulder external rotation strength and motion after lower trapezius transfer to the infraspinatus in children with obstetric brachial plexus palsy »..Int Orthop. 2022 May;46(5):1203-1204. (IF=3,07). Orthopedics (Q2).

Giabicani M, Weiss E, Chanques G, Lemaitre C, De Jong A, Grangé S, Moreau R, Piton G, Paugam-Burtz C, Jaber S, Tamion F.  (2021). “The prognostic value of the neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio in critically ill cirrhotic patients.  “ Eur J Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2021 Dec 1;33(1S Suppl 1):e341-e347. (IF=2,57). Gastroenterology and Hepatology (Q4).

Godet T, de Jong A,  Chanques G, Jabaudon M, Futier E,  Jaber S.  (2022). Intubation en réanimation en 2022: quoi de neuf? Anesthésie & Réanimation, 2022 sous presse. (IF=0,04). Anesthesiology (Q4).

Godet T, Dufraisse S, Kurrek M, Constantin JM, Chanques G.  (2022). ” French translation of the Johns Hopkins Adapted Cognitive Examination.  ” Anaesth Crit Care Pain Med. 2022 Apr 26:101075.sous presse. (IF=4,13). Anaesthesiology (Q2) ; Critical Care Medicine (Q3).

Grieco DL, Jaber S. (2022). “Pre-Emptive Noninvasive Ventilation to Facilitate Weaning from Mechanical Ventilation in Obese Patients at High Risk of Re-Intubation.Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2022 Feb 15;205(4):382-383. (IF=21,40). Critical Care Medicine (Q1) ; Respiratory System (Q1).

Grillet PE, Badiou S, Lambert K, Sutra T, Plawecki M, Raynaud de Mauverger E, Brun JF, Mercier J, Gouzi F, Cristol JP. (2022). “Biomarkers of Redox Balance Adjusted to Exercise Intensity as a Useful Tool to Identify Patients at Risk of Muscle Disease through Exercise Test.  “ Nutrients. 2022 Apr 29;14(9):1886. (IF=5,72). Nutrition and Dietetics  (Q1).

James A, De Jong A, Jeanmougin T, Blanie A, Figueiredo S, Goffin P, Le Guen M, Kantor E, Cipriani F, Campion S, Raux M, Jaber S, Futier E, Constantin JM; Société Française d’Anesthésie Réanimation (SFAR) Research Network (2021). ”Characteristics and outcomes of patients undergoing anesthesia while SARS-CoV-2 infected or suspected: a multicenter register of consecutive patients.BMC Anesthesiol. 2022 Feb 14;22(1):46. (IF=2,22). Anesthesiology (Q4).

Khaled L, Godet T , Jaber  S, Chanques G, Asehnoune K, Bourdier J, Araujo L, Futier  E, Pereira B. (2022).Intraoperative protective mechanical ventilation in patients requiring emergency abdominal surgery: the multicentre prospective randomised IMPROVE-2 study protocol.  “ BMJ Open, 2022 May 6;12(5):e054823. (IF=2,69). Medicine (Q1).

Kentish-Barnes N, Chevret S, Valade S, Jaber S, Kerhuel L, Guisset O, Martin M, Mazaud A, Papazian L, Argaud L, Demoule A, Schnell D, Lebas E, Ethuin F, Hammad E, Merceron S, Audibert J, Blayau C, Delannoy PY, Lautrette A, Lesieur O, Renault A, Reuter D, Terzi N, Philippon-Jouve B, Fiancette M, Ramakers M, Rigaud JP, Souppart V, Asehnoune K, Champigneulle B, Goldgran-Toledano D, Dubost JL, Bollaert PE, Chouquer R, Pochard F, Cariou A, Azoulay E (2022). “A three-step support strategy for relatives of patients dying in the intensive care unit: a cluster randomised trial. Lancet. 2022 Feb 12;399(10325):656-664. (IF=79,32). Medicine, General and Internal (Q1).

Lecronier M, Jung B, Molinari N, Pinot J, Similowski T, Jaber S, Demoule A, Dres M (2022). “Severe but reversible impaired diaphragm function in septic mechanically ventilated patients. “ . Ann Intensive Care. 2022 Apr 11;12(1):34. (IF=5,37). Critical Care Medicine (Q1).

Louahem D, Jeandel C, Aldugman T, Joly-Monrigal P, Cottalorda J, Delpont M. (2022). “Closed reduction by trans-physealantegrade elastic stable intramedullary nailing in acute pediatric Monteggia fractures: a report of 22 cases.   . J Pediatr Orthop B. 2022 Jan 1;31(1):43-49. (IF=0,90). Orthopedics (Q4); Pediatrics (Q4).

Luz M, Brandão Barreto B, de Castro REV, Salluh J, Dal-Pizzol F, Araujo C, De Jong AChanques G, Myatra SN, Tobar E, Gimenez-Esparza Vich C, Carini F, Ely EW, Stollings JL, Drumright K, Kress J, Povoa P, Shehabi Y, Mphandi W, Gusmao-Flores D (2022). “Practices in sedation, analgesia, mobilization, delirium, and sleep deprivation in adult intensive care units (SAMDS-ICU): an international survey before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. “.Ann Intensive Care. 2022 Feb 4;12(1):9.  (IF=5,37). Critical Care Medicine (Q1).

Maïmoun L, Mariano-Goulart D, Huguet H, Renard E, Lefebvre P, Picot MC, Dupuy AM, Cristol JP, Courtet P, Boudousq V, Avignon A, Guillaume S, Sultan A. (2022). “In patients with anorexia nervosa, myokine levels are altered but are not associated with bone mineral density loss and bone turnover alteration.  “ Endocr Connect. 2022 May 10;11(5):e210488. (IF=3,33). Endocrinology and Metabolism (Q3).

Nasa P, Azoulay E, Chakrabarti A, Divatia JV, Jain R, Rodrigues C, Rosenthal VD, Alhazzani W, Arabi YM, Bakker J, Bassetti M, De Waele J, Dimopoulos G, Du B, Einav S, Evans L, Finfer S, Guérin C, Hammond NE, Jaber S, Kleinpell RM, Koh Y, Kollef M, Levy MM, Machado FR, Mancebo J, Martin-Loeches I, Mer M, Niederman MS, Pelosi P, Perner A, Peter JV, Phua J, Piquilloud L, Pletz MW, Rhodes A, Schultz MJ, Singer M, Timsit JF, Venkatesh B, Vincent JL, Welte T, Myatra SN (2022). ” Infection control in the intensive care unit: expert consensus statements for SARS-CoV-2 using a Delphi method..Lancet Infect Dis. 2022 Mar;22(3):e74-e87. (IF=25,07). Infectious Diseases (Q1).

Nassar R, Vernus B, Carnac G, Fouret G, Goustard B, Casas F, Tintignac L, Cassar-Malek I, Picard B, Seiliez I, Brioche T, Koechlin-Ramonatxo C, Bertrand-Gaday C, Hamade A, Najjar F, Chabi B, Bonnieu A.  (2022). “Myostatin gene inactivation increases post-mortem calpain-dependent muscle proteolysis in mice.  “ Meat Sci. 2022 Mar;185:108726. (IF=5,21). Food Science and Technology (Q1).

Nocca D, Galtier F, Taleb S, Picot MC, Jaussent A, Silvestri M, Lefebvre P, de Jong A, Gautier T, Loureiro M, Nedelcu M.  (2022). “Peri-operative Morbidity of Nissen Sleeve Gastrectomy: Prospective Evaluation of a Cohort of 365 Patients, Beyond the Learning Curve. Obes Surg. 2022 May 7.sous presse. (IF=4,13). Surgery ( Q1)


Pavlin L, Rodriguez A, Ohresser I, Larivière M, Portal C, Cristol JP, Bernardi H, Turc-Baron C, Candau R  (2022). “Does the interference phenomenon affect strength development during same-session combined rehabilitation program in hemodialysis patients?  “. Semin Dial. 2022 Mar;35(2):154-164.  (IF=3,45). Urology and Nephrology (Q2).

Pensier J, Deffontis L, Rollé A, Aarab Y, Capdevila M, Monet C, Carr J, Futier E, Molinari N, Jaber S, De Jong A. (2022). “Hydroxyethyl Starch for Fluid Management in Patients Undergoing Major Abdominal Surgery: A Systematic Review With Meta-analysis and Trial Sequential Analysis.Anesth Analg. 2022 Apr 1;134(4):686-695.. (IF=5,18). Anesthesiology (Q1).

Philouze C, Martin JC, Riva C, Marziou A, Defoort C, Couturier C, Berton T, Astier J, Jover B, Gayrard N, Reboul C, Gayrard S, Landrier JF, Obert P.  (2022). “Vitamin D3 Supplementation Alleviates Left Ventricular Dysfunction in a Mouse Model of Diet-Induced Type 2 Diabetes: Potential Involvement of Cardiac Lipotoxicity Modulation.  “ Cardiovasc Drugs Ther. 2022 Apr;36(2):245-256 (IF=3,73). Cardiac and Cardiovascular Systems (Q2) : Pharmacology and Pharmacy (Q1).

Ramin S, Arcelli M, Bouchdoug K, Laumon T, Duflos C, De Jong A, Jaber S, Capdevila X, Charbit J  (2022). ” Driving pressure is not predictive of ARDS outcome in chest trauma patients under mechanical ventilation.  ”. Anaesth Crit Care Pain Med. 2022 Apr 27:101095.sous presse. . (IF=4,13). Anaesthesiology (Q2) ; Critical Care Medicine (Q3).

STAR-TREC Collaborative. Avec De JONG A  comme divers autres collaborateurs  (2022). : ” Can we Save the rectum by watchful waiting or TransAnal surgery following (chemo)Radiotherapy versus Total mesorectal excision for early REctal Cancer (STAR-TREC)? Protocol for the international, multicentre, rolling phase II/III partially randomised patient preference trial evaluating long course concurrent chemoradiotherapy versus short course radiotherapy organ preservation approaches. : ”  Colorectal Dis. 2022 Feb 3. Sous presse. (IF=3,79). Gastroenterology (Q2).


Aarab Y, Flatres A, Garnier F, Capdevila M, Raynaud F, Lacampagne A, Chapeau D, Klouche K, Etienne P, Jaber S, Molinari N, Gamon L, Matecki S, Jung B  (2021). “Shear Wave Elastography, A New Tool for Diaphragmatic Qualitative Assessment. A Translational Study.  “. Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2021 Oct 1;204(7):797-806. (IF=21,40). Critical Care Medicine (Q1) ; Respiratory System (Q1)).

Aarab Y, Ramin S, Odonnat T, Garnier O, Boissin A, Molinari N, Marin G, Perrigault PF, Cuvillon P, Chanques G. (2021). ”Pectoral Nerve Blocks for Breast Augmentation Surgery: A Randomized, Double-blind, Dual-centered Controlled Trial.  ” Anesthesiology. 2021 Sep 1;135(3):442-453. (IF=7,89). Anesthesiology (Q1).

Amalric M, Ahmed E, Jung B, Suehs C, Molinari N, Bourdin A, Charriot J.  (2021). “Association between increased mortality and bronchial fibroscopy in intensive care units and intermediate care units during COPD exacerbations: an analysis of the 2014 and 2015 National French Medical-based Information System Databases (PMSI). “  J Intensive Care. 2021 Jun 15;9(1):45. (IF=3,95). Critical Care and Intensive Care Medicine (Q1).

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Asehnoune K, Le Moal C, Lebuffe G, Le Penndu M, Josse NC, Boisson M, Lescot T, Faucher M, Jaber S, Godet T, Leone M, Motamed C, David JS, Cinotti R, El Amine Y, Liutkus D, Garot M, Marc A, Le Corre A, Thomasseau A, Jobert A, Flet L, Feuillet F, Pere M, Futier E, Roquilly A; PACMAN study group (2021). Effect of dexamethasone on complications or all cause mortality after major non-cardiac surgery: multicentre, double blind, randomised controlled trial.   BMJ. 2021 Jun 2;373:n1162. (IF=17,21). Medicine General and Internal (Q2).

Azoulay E, Pochard F, Reignier J, Argaud L, Bruneel F, Courbon P, Cariou A, Klouche K, Labbé V, Barbier F, Guitton C, Demoule A, Kouatchet A, Guisset O, Jourdain M, Papazian L, Van Der Meersch G, Reuter D, Souppart V, Resche-Rigon M, Darmon M, Kentish-Barnes N; FAMIREA Study Group.  (2021). «Symptoms of Mental Health Disorders in Critical Care Physicians Facing the Second COVID-19 Wave: A Cross-Sectional Study.  Chest. 2021 Sep;160(3):944-955. (IF=9,41). Critical Care Medicine ( Q1) ; Respiratory System (Q1).

Badr M, Goulard M, Theret B, Roubertie A, Badiou S, Pifre R, Bres V, Cambonie G  (2021). “Fatal accidental lipid overdose with intravenous composite lipid emulsion in a premature newborn: a case report. “ .BMC Pediatr. 2021 Dec 20;21(1):584.(IF=2,12). BMC Pediatric (Q2).

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Boisson A, De La Villeon G, Huguet M, Abassi H, Pasquie JL,,Lavastre K, aMatecki S, Guillaumont S, Requirand A, Calderon J, Amedro P. (2021).Physical activity and aerobic fitness in children with inherited cardiac diseases – Archives of Cardiovascular Diseases…, 2021 Nov;114(11):727-736. (IF=2,34). Cardiac ad Cardiovascular Systems (Q2).

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